Wanderlust Gift Guide

traveler gift guide

This is the gift guide for the explorers and free spirits. If you want to surprise the jet-setters in your life with something other than cash for a trip, check out these things they might actually need or want. 

Travel Bags

You have to have a good bag to pack all of your necessities in. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am not the best packer. I've been trying to pack more in weekender size bags to keep me from over packing because if I use my giant suitcase, I will fill it to the brim. I have this basic suitcase but looking at getting one of these larger weekender totes/duffels below for quick weekends away. I'm leaning towards the Patagonia duffel because it can be worn as a backpack too. 


If you have a frequent flier on your list, a really nice set of headphones would be a great idea. I like to chit chat occasionally on airplanes but being able to zone out with music or watch a tv show without background noise is absolutely blissful in my opinion. These options are a major step up from the standard air buds. 

Travel Mugs & Cups

Travel is a significant environmental impact so doing anything we can do to minimize the impact is helpful. Personally, I never fly without my Nalgene bottle or Yeti tumbler but below are a few other options.  


I always have a little moleskin notebook with me on a trip so I can jot down my thoughts in the moment or sketch. If you need a gift for a budding writer or artist these notebooks would make a great gift. 

Happy travels this holiday season!

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