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Emily Laborde Hines

Raised in the South with a love of Spanish moss, craftsman bungalows and front porches, I am Emily Hines, writer, dreamer and beer drinker. You can find me strolling down a century old city block snapping photos of colorful facades and searching for flea market treasures. 

With my burly husband Ryan, I enjoy searching for edible mushrooms to escape the hum of the city. He proudly donned the beard and man bun way before it reached the masses – a critical point he’ll remind you of whenever he sees an Urban Outfitters. 

Dog mom to two wild black lab pups:  Junebug, in honor of the summer beetles she’d follow around as a puppy and Lula, my swimmer who was named after the Tallulah river in Georgia.  Both constant companions.  

My traveling goal is to find the hidden gems.  There are stories everywhere, you just have to find them. Let’s hit the road.

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About the Blog

After a few years of living in Maui, I returned to my roots in the deep South. Em’s on the Road began as a vehicle for documenting what captured me during my rediscovery of the South and my study of historic preservation. I have wandered throughout the South capturing both characteristic and rare attributes of the region and sharing the beautiful, weird, and unique places I discovered along the way.

Traveling abroad is wonderful. I will get on an airplane at the drop of a hat if I can swing it; however, budgets and schedules don’t always allow for jet-setting. If my immersion back into the South and preservation studies taught me anything, it is that there is a lot to see and celebrate in the United States. Every city has a unique story and identity, something that makes people care about it and stand out from the crowd. That is what I want to show at Em’s on the Road - cities and small towns with one of a kind businesses, buildings, and people with a story.

Most of the images at Em’s on the road are my own (except where noted).  I often feature the work of my talented husband Ryan Hines. Check out his work on instagram and youtube. Thanks for stopping by!