The Frosted Lion

Having an affinity for antiques and anything vintage, I'm lucky to live in Athens, GA where there are several vintage stores to satisfy my treasure hunting needs. Avoiding looming deadlines, I decided to explore part of highway 441 heading south from Athens, to check out some antique/junk shops I've seen driving through Bishop, Georgia.  Located in this small crossroads community, I found The Frosted Lion antique shop.  I had seen it several times before in passing but never had the time to stop.  The shop resides in what appears to be a turn of the century two story commercial brick building, with a striking red storefront.  The self-proclaimed antique/junk store occupies the entire ground floor of the building, so needless to say I was there for quite a while.

The Frosted Lion - Bishop GA

I found countless pieces of china and furniture (of course) of interest to me, however I made a promise last year not to buy anymore large items until we know where we are moving post grad school.  So I indulged myself with photos...

the frosted lion There were so many books I wanted to take home! But with an already full book shelf, I resisted, and took home a few fun items from the 1950s.

vintage hawaii record

Ryan and I lived in Hawaii for a few years so when we find old Hawaiian records, I can't pass them up.

recipe box The one thing I did more scribbled recipes floating around the kitchen!

Rock Candy Tours - Macon, Georgia

If you want home cookin' stay home!