"Unincorporated But Not Dead"

Prattsburg, Georgia

In Talbot county (west/central) Georgia, lies the community of Prattsburg.  As you can see from the sign, they've got some spunk for a tiny crossroads community.

Prattsburg was settled in the early 1800's as a result of the cotton industry.  Because of the damage caused by the boll weevil, the community now has approximately 50 residents.  Nevertheless, they are a great example of a plantation community with some significant assets.

Prattsburg, Georgia FarmhouseThis is by far one of the most unusual plantation houses I have ever seen.  We were lucky to have the current owner come talk to us as we documented the property, and he willingly shared what he knew of the house and town.  This plantation was home to of one of the community's founders, the Parker family and remains in tact from its original building date and historic addition.  The main house was built in the 1830s and side wings were added in the 1850s; the wing on the left was originally the music room, and the right an extra bedroom.

In front of the Parker plantation is an interesting cemetery with a lot of detailed relief sculpture as well as a beautiful Greek revival inspired church at the actual crossroads of Prattsburg.

georgia cemetery

The Subway Lounge

Sunday Funday photo