The Southern C

As some of y'all know, I am a monthly contributor to The Southern C:  The Southern Coterie co·te·rie/ˈkōtərē/ is a community of friends with common and similar interests – in this case, the South.  The Southern C is currently working on a new website for The Southern C that will launch on Monday July 23! The Southern C

Once the site is up and running, have a chance to win a vacation to the Watercolor Resort in Santa Rosa Florida just by joining the new Southern C.  Winners will be chosen Labor Day so don't forget to start your profile to be in the running for a vacay!

watercolor resort

In the meantime check out The Southern C tumbler page.  Here you will find thoughtful posts by writers from all over the South- with subjects ranging from fashion to culture, and cocktails to travel guides.  If it's about the'll find it there.

Happy Friday y'all!

Sunday funday: Moving

Sunday funday: Moonrise Kingdom