Friday Five

southern c summit Tote bag- check; notebooks- check; suitcase packed- almost... I can't believe The Southern C Summit is next week!

Friday Five- Things I'm looking forward to at The Southern C Summit

5. Swag Bag

swag bag

Who doesn't love a swag bag?!  Can't wait to see what Southern goodies are in there.  Stay tuned...

4. Location, Location, Location- a conference at the beach? Yes, please!

jekyll island

I haven't spent much time in Jekyll Island, Georgia since childhood, so I'm so excited to rediscover this gorgeous and historically rich area. Fun fact- America's early "big-wigs" like Marshall Field, Henry Hyde, J. P. Morgan, Joseph Pulitzer, and William K. Vanderbilt, were all members of the original Jekyll Island Club.

3. FOOD- sampling the best of the South!

southern food

I'm so lookin' forward to getting my grub on. There are some delicious restaurants and specialty food and beverage brands coming to the Summit this year!  Not all strictly Southern in style but here is the lineup we got goin' on- Southern Soul BBQ, Halyards Restaurant, Belle Chevre, Maison de Macrons, Big T Coastal Provisions, High Road Craft Ice Cream, Cathead Vodka, Sociale Mocktails, Goo Goo Clusters, Savannah Bee Company, Leoci's Trattoria, Georgia Sea Grill, American Spirit Whiskey, Girlfriends Wine.  Oh yea.

2. Learning some new skills (and brushing up on the old).

Southern C Summit

I'm looking forward to all of the educational sessions; it's the nerd in me. I've worked in social media for several years and actively blogging for a little over a year but I still have so much to learn. Given the roster, I know the panel of presenters at The Summit are sure to inspire and provide helpful advice. For full list of presenters click here.

1. Connecting

girl friends

Being part of The Southern C for the past year has been a complete whirlwind.  I've met so many interesting and inspiring people through the social network and it's going to be exciting meeting so many of them in person next week!

No ticket yet? Don't worry- there is still time to join us. Register today!


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