Friday Five #10

It's National Ice Cream Month people so here are a few of my favorite scoops. Image

5. Working Cow- Florida

Fav Flavor-Cappucino kahlua. Cappa Kahlua with sweet chocolate chips, and a chocolate swirl blended into our natural coffee flavored ice cream....Oh Yea

4. King of Pops- Atlanta/Athens, Georgia

king of pops

Not technically ice cream but DELICIOUS! Chocolate Sea Salt and Coconut Lemongrass are my late night vices.

3. Honeysuckle Gelato- Atlanta, Georgia

honeysuckle gelato

All of their flavors are incredible but the Mango-Peach blew my mind.

2. Hand Spun Milkshake- from an old school soda fountain


During our summer vacation, my grandmother loved to treat us to a milk shake from the old soda fountain Gilcrist in Mountain Brook Village. Chocolate of course.

1. High Road Craft Ice Cream


I first discovered High Road at Heirloom Cafe in Athens, Georgia. I saw them again at Food Blog South in January...yes it was freezing outside but sample cups of Aztec Chocolate and Vanilla Fleur de Sel seemed like a necessity at the time. To my surprise and delight they were featured at the first Southern C Summit event on Jekyll Island at the oceanside beach luncheon. I have loved every flavor I've tried from them and can't wait to see what flavors they create next! Fav High Road Flavor so far- Sweet Pea and Mint Sorbet. So unbelievably refreshing, sweet, and herbal- makes the perfect ending to a summer meal.

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