Love Letter to The South

The South

I'm currently en route to what will soon be the frozen tundra- otherwise known as Bloomington, Indiana. With nothing to do but write on this long trip, I thought I'd share my love letter to the South.

To the South:

Thank you for always having grits on the menu.

Thank you for beautiful architecture with years of stories built into the walls.

Thanks for always having actual pulled pork bbq at a Barbecue.

Thank you for rich Southern traditions, the normal and the not-so.

Thank you for sweet gardenias and camellias.

Thank you for big and LOUD mine.

Thankful that cocktail time, is pretty much anytime (note the aforementioned).

Thank you for hot summer nights and homemade peach ice cream.

Thank you for backroads through pecan orchards.

Thank you for small towns full of big characters.

I can't believe I'm leaving you but I know I will be back soon!

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