Ideal Bagel: Athens, Georgia

Ideal Bagel There is always a new spot to try in Athens, Georgia. The past few visits to the Classic City,  several local friends raved about a new bagel shop that opened up on Broad Street. One morning over the holiday break, in need of big breakfast sandwiches, Ryan and I decided to give Ideal Bagel a shot. 

Ideal Bagel

An offshoot of Luna Baking Co. (local favorite), Ideal Bagel offers breakfast and lunch options, and not just your standard bagel and cream cheese either. We perused the menu and chatted up the friendly girl at the counter about her favorites. I knew I wanted to try one of their house fish bagels (they smoke and cure in house).  I went for the pecan-smoked salmon, on a pumpernickel-everything bagel with herbed cream cheese. Ryan ordered the Dottie- pastrami, egg, and cheese- on a salt bagel. With boxed brunches and hot Counter Culture coffee in hand, we loaded up the wagon and hit the road.

We got situated in the car and I couldn't wait another minute.  When I folded open the box, I was greeted by bright pink layers of smoked salmon, homemade cream cheese full of fresh herbs, tomato, onion, and a sprinkle of capers.

Ideal Bagel

Ryan's sandwich was exactly what he wanted- lots of meat and cheese. I snuck one bite. I'd never had that combo before (pastrami, egg, and cheese), but it was awesome.

Ideal BagelOnce we started, there wasn't a lot of talking goin' on. Just a lot of me saying, "Oh man, this is so good!" And Ryan replying with a mouthful, "Mmm hmmm."

Ideal Bagel

We've been back a couple of times since and we still agree - best brunch on the go.

Ideal Bagel Box

Go visit them as soon as possible.

Ideal Bagel- 815 W. Broad St. Athens, GA

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