The summer is here and I have the tropics on my mind. Right after I completed my undergrad degree, I moved to Maui for a few years. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and was itching for some adventure. It was a surreal experience that went by way too fast. Ryan and I were only there for two years but tried to capture the incredible beauty of the islands much as we could with photographs and other keepsakes. We've been talking about paying homage to our time there somewhere in our house for a while now and I think this summer it is finally going to happen! I put together this mood board to help get the ball rolling... I picked out three of my favorite photographs that Ryan took with film: the palms, fern frond, and Honolua Bay. The bottom left is a limited edition print called Finding Home by Brad Huck. This print is really special to me because it was my first fine art purchase.  I love his earthly color palate and the bohemian look to his work. The top right is a photograph of a lei I found on pinterest. We brought back our last leis when we moved and I'd love to feature those somewhere.

I always try to support independent artists as much as possible and thanks to the world of online shopping I can support artists and makers from all over the world. One piece I did not get in the islands is this Pining for Pineapple piece I found in the limited edition art collection at This piece is by Joni Tyrell framed in reclaimed barn wood. Joni hails from North Liberty Iowa and is passionate about modern photography. A symbol for hospitality, the pineapple is synonymous with the agricultural history in Hawaii and is really beautiful. "Pining for Pineapple" will be the perfect addition to our Aloha collection.

If you haven't visited before, it is an incredible resource to find handmade limited edition work from real artists around the world. Depending on the piece and artist, they have different sizes available and a wide range of cool frames to fit any aesthetic. BTW They also have a fabulous wedding invitations available too.

hawaii moodboard

It's hard to believe we were there six years ago; the smell of the ocean and tuberose are still fresh in my mind. Images barely do this paradise justice but this gallery wall will have to do for now. I know we will go back in the future - just a matter of time. Have you been to Hawaii? If you ever need tips - find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

21c Museum Hotel: Louisville, Kentucky

21c Museum Hotel: Louisville, Kentucky

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