Spring Break

My last spring break ever has come to a close...  This year I opted to catch up on work but not without reminiscing about last year's spring break pilgrimage to Natchez, Mississippi and New Orleans. We started in Natchez then worked our way down to Nola to spend St. Patty's Day and do some shopping.  On our last day we hit Magazine Street, known for its locally owned shops.  There were so many unique shops to visit: clothing stores, antique shops, bookstores, cafes, etc.

One of the first stops was Lili Vintage; I was in love.  The shop is located in a small unassuming white cottage in this retail hot-spot and filled with gorgeous frills from days past.  The boutique specializes in cocktail dresses and vintage jewelry, but carries a wide selection of day dresses, tops, jackets, and shoes.  I have an obsession with vintage pendents and found the perfect 1960s, heart shaped pendant to add to my collection.

After walking around for a while in the blazing heat, we decided to hit one more place that had been recommended to me.  The last stop was Sucré, a boutique sweet shop, located in the heart of this shopping district.  It was incredible.

Inside we were bombarded with cases and cases of beautifully crafted, individual desserts and a gelato bar.  Overwhelmed and becoming delirious from the intoxicating smell of dark chocolate, I gravitated to the gelato to get a quick fix while I perused the rest of chocolate heaven.

Being surrounded by rows of tarts, macaroons, truffles, the list goes on and on, I felt a little like Marie Antoinette and had to suppress the urge to yell out "Let them eat cake!"

If you have trouble deciding when it comes to sweets- worry not, they have variety gift boxes that you can customize!   Needless to say we each walked out with a gift box for ourselves.  Sucré was the perfect end to our spring break indulgence.

Pork fat rules

Sunday Funday photo