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The South is known for its BBQ...and naturally, different cities and towns are well known for certain types of this smoked delicacy.  Danielsville, GA is home to one of our favorite BBQ restaurants- Zeb's Bar-B-Que, and some say the best brunswick stew in Georgia.  Spring and summer scream BBQ weather to me, so we decided to kick off our "staycation" spring break with a visit to Danielsville, Georgia to "pig out." As we made our way into Danielsville, we stumbled upon Cherry's, a new take-out bbq stand just inside the city limits.

Cherry's BBQ

We opted to get a small brunswick stew and small pulled pork sandwich to share, and see how it stacked up to our favorite from Zeb's BBQ down the road.  It was pretty good.  They gave us a lot for the money; I spent little more than $5 and got 8oz of stew, 2 pieces of sunbeam, bag of chips, and small pork sandwich.  The standout was the pork sandwich- really good vinegar based sauce that packed a big punch.

We headed down the road to our next stop and ran across this local antique shop.  They had just closed, but I will be going back to check them out!

Antiques- Danielsville, GAIt looks like a gas station/general store from the early twentieth century turned antique store.  From the looks of their porch and yard, the inside has got to be chock full of vintage finds.  A must visit next time I'm in Danielsville.

Next stop: Zeb's Bar-B-Que

Zeb's BBQHow awesome is this sign?  This place has been around a while- at least since the 1960s if not longer.  One of the best barbeque places I've ever been to and with over 4,000 "likes" on Facebook, you know they're doing something right.  Zeb's is a small, family owned business, with grandmothers, mothers, and daughters holding down the fort.  The interior is my favorite part of Zeb's: communal style tables, with centerpiece of sunbeam bread, hot sauce, paper towels, and other condiments, and walls are lined with racing posters and other memorabilia.  Doesn't get much more Southern than this place.


Zebs BBQ

zebs bbq


zeb's bbq

Zebs BBQ

Hard to say what Zeb's is known for BBQ wise, most people say the pulled pork or the brunswick stew...doesn't really matter because it's all awesome.

I love Zeb's retro, homey vibe when you walk in the front door- like you just stepped into your slightly zany, great aunt's kitchen, circa 1975.  It could be the yellowish glow of the interior lighting, its location inside a cottage turned restaurant, or the motherly staff always greeting you with a big "how y'all doin?," making sure you have all the sauce you need (you can never have enoug), or maybe it's just tasty barbecue.  Probably all of the above.  Whatever it is - it works.  And you know what They say- If it ain't broke...

A true neighborhood/local hangout, whenever you come to Zeb's, especially on a Friday night, it's always packed with people hangin' out, gossiping, and piggin' out.  Ryan introduced me to Zeb's several years ago, and we love going whenever we can get outta town.  A cup of brunswick stew or pulled pork sandwich is the perfect end to a long day on the Broad River (near Danielsville).

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