Friday Five

New series for y'all- Friday Five!  I'm goin' to count off five of my favs every Friday.  Here we go! Friday Five- Foods made in the South

5. Georgia Olive Oil

Georgia Olive Oil

Georgia Olive Farms, in 2011, conducted the first commercial harvest of olives east of the Mississippi River since the late 1800’s. The olives harvested were pressed into extra virgin olive oil which is marketed under the Georgia Olive Farms label. GOF is working with farmers and investors to provide sustainable, locally produced olive oil to east coast consumers.  It is delish!

4. Belle Chevre

Belle Chevre

I discovered Belle Chevre this year at Food Blog South and fell in love.  The pimento cheese spread pictured above is unique cheesy blend of goat cheese, pimentos, and mayo that combines a Southerner's love for pimento cheese with way less calories.  Win, Win. The pimento spread was named a "Top Pimento Cheese" by Southern Living Magazine and recipient of a 2013 Good Food Award.They have a great variety of spreads including honey, fig, and cinnamon.  YUM.

3. Callie's Charleston Biscuits

callie's biscuits

The BEST store bought biscuits ever because they are pretty much homemade! I discovered these at one of my favorite St. Simons Island shops, Viola's Market. From country ham to cheddar and chive, it is way too hard to pick a favorite!

2. Phickles

phickles athens

A gourmet pickle company located in Athens, Georgia....using the freshest, closest produce available and taking pride in every hand-packed jar! Okies are my fav!

1. Red Queen of Tarts

red queen of tarts

The best freakin' "pop tart" you will ever eat! My mom discovered these at the Peachtree Road Farmer's Market a few years ago and whenever we meet up in Atlanta we have to have some!  Their menu is completely seasonal and every tart is homemade from scratch. Words cannot do these delightful pastries justice. Check them out immediately :)

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