Friday Five: Road Trip Essentials

In just a few weeks I'll be on the road again for the holidays. Ryan and I do road trips up right. My old Benz wagon is always backed to the brim with luggage (mostly mine), 2 dogs, and these "essentials" to make sure we are comfortable and have a great time. Now that we live several hours away from our hometowns, it's safe to say we'll have a great many road trips in our future. road trip essentials1. Good tunes. Currently listening to the Dave Rawlings Machine and Gillian Welch a lot. The Black Keys and The Rolling Stones are also in heavy rotation on the road. 

2. Camera. I never know what I'm going to see on the road so I always have our camera on board. Currently shooting with a Canon 60-D.

3. Snacks. I'm always hungry so I never leave home without a lots of snacks. My favorite store bought granola bar is the KIND peanut butter and dark chocolate. For a homemade snack I love making Hamrick Family Scramble (homemade chex mix). Click here for recipe.

4. Blanket. Another certainty on road trips, especially winter ones, is me being cold. On our Thanksgiving road trip, Ryan thought ahead and equipped the front seat with a cozy throw, socks and pillow for me. The throw is now a must. I love the wool camp blankets by Pendleton; they come with a handy carry strap too.

5. Good absolute must. I try and buy local beans whenever possible; right now I'm loving Blackbeard's Blend from Soma. I don't have this Bodum Bistro Travel Press and Mug but I think it's time to get one.

Flying home for the holidays? Stay tuned; my five carry on essentials will be next week!


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