August Top 10 #theusiscooltoo

August Top 10 #theusiscooltoo

I'm currently sitting in the Redmond, Oregon airport waiting to start my long journey home to Bloomington and can't believe August is almost over! I just finished up an awesome trip to Bend, Oregon with Yoga + Beer for a 5 day retreat. It was pretty epic so stay tuned for lots of details on that. For now, I'm sharing my favorite contributions to #theusiscooltoo hashtag! 

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#1 @bemenh01 - I met Bethany in Bloomington when she was the preservation manager for the city and have enjoyed following her beautiful architecture heavy feed. She just moved to Kansas and shared this beauty! 

#2 Midwest Travel Bloggers - I met Lisa and Sarah at the Women in Travel Summit in Milwaukee. They each run their own blogs but they have created a wonderful network of Midwest travel writers that gives us a forum to ask questions and network with other writers in our region. They recently traveled to the Minnesota State Fair and shared this monster cookie bucket... YUM.

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#3 @heavyboots - Sarah is a Milwaukee grammer that I met online through @dianabobana4 and she takes some bad ass shots of the great outdoors. Go check her out!

#4 @drivebytowns - This awesome blog is all about slowing down and taking the back roads on trips. Teresa, the creator, is now writing a book about her epic 6500 mile road trip from Chicago to San Diego and back. 

#5 @travelingwithkati - I'm a beach girl so I gotta have some palm trees every roundup! I don't know Kati personally but she's been killing it with some awesome summer photos from her travels throughout the USA. Go give her some love.

#6 @wanderfocuslove - Siarra has been sharing tons of grams from one of my favorite cities, New Orleans. Now that I live outside of the South, I catch myself swooning over anything Southern on Instagram.  

#7 @danielle_kay - Danielle makes Indiana look really good.

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#8 @yrofthemonkey - Paroma is a fellow travel blogger based in San Francisco that I met online. Her blog is all about travel and food. She often features her adorable pup in her shots. It's been a few years since visiting Seattle and this shot makes me want to return ASAP.

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#9 @photojeepers - David and Jaime are some of my favorite landscape photogs on Instagram right now. Their shots are so crisp and feel almost monumental. They recently did a roundup about the best travel cameras and they were kind enough to ask me about my favs. Go check it out! 

#10 @harborsandhavens - I'm still in shock about the damage in Houston. Michelle is a Houston native and shared this image recently before the hurricane. If you can help in anyway, please do. Recovery from Hurricane Harvey will be a very long process and they need all the support they can get. NPR has a thorough list of organizations listed in this article so I urge you to check it out and help if you can. 


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