October Top 10 #theusiscooltoo

October Top 10 #theusiscooltoo

Open House Chicago 

Open House Chicago 

Fall has completely flown by y'all! I ended up traveling to Las Vegas, Chicago, and Mississippi in September and October so I've been a little all over the place. Now that I'll be home for a few months, I'm going to get #theusiscooltoo series back on schedule. My goal with these roundups is to provide travel inspiration for the United States and I hope you've enjoyed them. I'd love to know what you think about this series so drop me a note in the comments!

October Top 10 #theusiscooltoo

Grace's recent Disney adventure is absolutely whimsical. Go check out her feed asap.

Y'all know how much I love Chicago :) Thanks for sharing this one Vanessa!

I would love to visit upstate New York and thrilled that the Adirondack Film Fest tagged us. How pretty would this fall road trip be?

I'm a total sucker for a pretty beer flight. If you're looking for more delicious craft beer, check out the breweries in the USA worth the trip.

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I've never been to Galena, Illinois but it looks incredibly charming. Don't you think?

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The Boston Public Library may rival the New York Library for the most stunning entry.

Fall is my favorite time to visit wineries because the vines are so lush. Love this shot from the Michigan Wine Trail. 

Did you know Indiana has a wine trail?

Alaska is still on my list. Have you been?

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The Walking Tourists always capture cool public spaces when they travel. Have you crossed this pedestrian bridge in Oklahoma City?

There were plenty of fun shots of fairs in October but I love a Ferris Wheel. 

That's it for October! I always want to provide valuable content for y'all and hopefully inspire you to travel more within the United States. Please let me know what you think about this series and if you think I should keep it up. Thanks!

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