July Top 10 #theusiscooltoo

July Top 10 #theusiscooltoo

July was a freaking blur y'all. We are officially moving to Michigan! Ryan accepted a new faculty position at Northern Michigan University so we spent most of the month trying to figure out our moving timeline and packing. We also traveled to Crested Butte and Denver, Colorado for the first time for a wedding and had a ball. More to come!

crested butte wildflowers

Yes, I know August is almost over but there are so many good shots from #theusiscooltoo posted in July. Better late than never :) 

Share your USA travels on Instagram with #theusiscooltoo and a chance to be featured! 

I'm a beer girl first but wineries are so beautiful. Check out your favorite in September during crush season when the vines are at their fullest. 

Yesterday was hard so here’s a (heavily edited) photo of the Rockies.

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I love @heavyboots outdoor shots! Head to her profile for lots of National Parks inspiration. 

This brave travel duo is adventuring around the USA in an RV. After packing up most of our house for the move to Michigan, I can safely say Ryan and I would never fit in an RV regardless of its size. Check them out for some road trip inspiration!

I'm all about a good beer fest! Since I'm moving to Michigan I know I'll have a few ones to check out soon.

I would love to Stand Up Paddle right here. Have you heard of this lake near Seattle?

Have you been to NYC in the summer? I totally agree with Caroline and love visiting New York in the summer; it's hot but the crowds aren't nearly as crazy!

I've told y'all about my love for Milwaukee before. It looks like a perfect summer getaway don't you think?

Loving all of the murals from around the country in the feed. Glad to see this trend spreading! Do you like mural chasing?

My friend Dawn in Indianapolis takes the coolest night time photos :) 

Don't know about you but I'm holding onto summer as long as possible. I've got a little while longer in Bloomington and one more trip south before I head to Michigan for good. Do you have any travel plans for the rest of the summer? Let me know in the comments!

The Most Packable & Comfortable Outfit for Travel

The Most Packable & Comfortable Outfit for Travel

June Top 10 #theusiscooltoo

June Top 10 #theusiscooltoo